iodéOS Premium

iodéOS Premium

From: 3,99 / month

iodéOS premium subscriptions give you access to:

  • full reinforced protection (6x bigger than default standard protection)
  • child protection features (password protected, adult content censorship, social networks access restrictions)
  • customized blocking
  • monthly blocklists updates

Subscribe to iodéOS Premium and connect up to 2 iodé phones simultaneously. iodéOS Premium Family lets you connect up to 6 iodé phones simultaneously for the whole family.


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Get full protection on your iodé phone and don’t allow any tracker to pass!

The home page will let you see the current security level of your iodé phone and alert you of any leak.

iodé adblocker premium home
iodé adblocker settings light mode

Is this iodé phone intended to your child?

Set your password, select how you want your children to use their iodé phones by fine-tuning which recipients each app communicates to, what type of content to access, or if you even want that app installed in the first place…

Choose who you want your phone to communicate to, and block the recipients you want!

iodé lets you select between different iodé protections and categories of unwanted recipients… Or customize entirely your iodé adblocker!

Blockings selection

About iodéOS Premium

  • Why iodéOS Premium?

    We asked our community what they value most and the answer was: continue to develop and improve our main added value: the iodé blocker. Because your privacy and security are our main concern, we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy an open source operating system without Google trackers, benefiting from monthly updates and a permanent protection against malicious recipients of applications. This is why iodéOS will always remain free for everyone.
    Maintaining the system and blocking lists, and perfecting the iodé blocker requires a full-time technical team on the project… We rely on your subscriptions! iodéOS Premium offers many more features for your whole family, such as monthly blocklist updates, enhanced anti-spyware blockings, and add-ons like child protection and customized blockings.

  • What (personal) data do we handle with iodéOS Premium?

    None! Well almost…
    If you subscribe to a iodéOS Premium plan, your email address along with your hashed password will be saved in our WordPress database. These credentials will be used to connect your iodé phone with premium features and updates. In case you fill other optional informations, they will also be saved to our database and used for your monthly billings.
    And that’s it! No logs, or other connection information is saved or used by our servers. The only information checked when you connect your iodé phone to your account is if your subscription is active or not. Nothing more.

  • What is the difference between annual and monthly subscriptions?

    If you opt for an annual subscription, you have the comfort of just one payment per year, which some users prefer and on top of that, we offer a 10% discount on annual subscriptions. So if you’re into less invoicing, you’ll also automatically save money. Sweet, isn’t it?
    On the other hand If you just want to test the great features of iodéOS Premium, or if you are planning on using iodéOS Premium discontinuously then you should probably opt for the monthly subscription.

  • How can I switch from a monthly to an annual subscription?
    1. Connect to your account.
    2. Go to the “subscriptions” tab, then click on “upgrade or downgrade”.
    3. Select the subscription you want.

    Let us know if you have any other questions regarding iodéOS Premium by writing to our customer support.

  • Can I pay via wire transfer? What are the payment gateways?

    Due to plugin limitations, orders via wire transfer are currently limited to iodé phones only . If you want to subscribe to Premium via wire transfer, please contact us and we will manually create an annual subscription for you. For subscriptions, you can currently subscribe via credit card, or Paypal.