iodé FAQ

Do you have any particular question regarding iodé ? Please find below our Frequently Asked Questions. You can also directly contact the iodé team, or find a specific Frequently Asked Questions section in the iodé news application.

About iodé

iodé is a french firm, based in Toulouse.

iodé is composed of a team of experts in cybersecurity and design. iodé smartphones are refurbished in France by our professional partner.

Subject to constant surveillance from Tech Giants, we need more solutions to protect our privacy. The risks are too big, and the Google-Apple duo monopolises smartphones sales which are the main source of data breaches.
idoé is a privacy-friendly alternative solution.

iodé’s income comes exclusively from smartphone sales.
iodé never has access to your personal data.

We only sell iodé smartphones in The European Union (EU).

  • iodéOS: an Operating System based on Android and more precisely on LineageOS, freed from major snitches.
  • iodé: an interface scanning your apps’ internet communications in real-time. Access to advertisements, malwares, spams, spyware, statistics & trackers sites are by default blocked.
  • Two apps stores: Aurora Store and F-Droid.
  • microG services: an open-source and privacy-friendly reimplementation of the google play services.
  • iodé is a smartphone refurbished in France by our professional partner.
  • iodé permanently blocks data collection therefore reducing your energy consumption.
  • iodé integrates a privacy-friendly selection of apps  which are less energy-consuming that default ones on classical android smartphones.

iodé is a young project and we are always happy to receive support from you :

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  • « Buy us a coffee »
    You can help in the development of iodé by offering us a coffee here.
  • Become a beta tester
    If you’d like to become beta tester and help the development of iodé, please contact us at : We will add you to our ‘iodé Beta Testers’ Telegram app group.
  • Report an issue
    If you encounter an issue with iodé, report it to us or (preferred) open an issue here.
General Questions

You will receive a notification on your iodé smartphone for every system update. By clicking on it, you will be redirected to the manager where you will be able to download the last update.

Once downloaded, a new notification will invite you to install the update. By clicking again on it, the phone will install the update and automatically reboot.

We strongly invite you to always keep your iodé smartphone up to date.

If you already own a smartphone present in our product catalogue, you can install iodé operating system.
Please follow this link for the installation.

Caution : installing iodé requires coding skills.

To this day, we do not offer such services. Your two options are :

  • install the iodé system by yourself if you already have a compatible smartphone
  • buy a smartphone from us with the system built-in

Yes you can. Please follow this link for iodé uninstallation.

Caution : uninstalling iodé requires coding skills.

iodé does not only have one apps store that you usually find on android smartphones (Google Play) or iOS (App Store), but two complementary apps stores: Aurora Store and Fdroid.

  • Aurora store is an alternative to the Google Play with which you can audit trackers for each app, spoof your location and more.
  • F-Droid is an open-source apps catalogue.

The microG services replace Google Play services on your iodé smartphone. They allow you, among other services, to choose Google’s alternative geolocation modules. We have by default selected the ‘Déjà vu’ module which learn from your GPS use, celullar antennas and wifi networks to locate you and does not use the network to function. Consequently,  ‘Déjà vu’ could not be able to locate you at first if you don’t use the GPS. Up to you to use an other module or to couple it with an other.
‘Google Cloud Messaging’ (GCM) is a push notifications provider; it allows you to receive notifications on your iodé smartphone and a lot of android apps rely on it. We have activated the GCM provider by default, but you can deactivate it from the microG settings panel.

Technical Questions

From the core of the operating system, your iodé smartphone monitors DNS requests and network packets transmissions.

iodé blocks requests and transmissions to recipients considered as snitches (advertisements, malwares, spams, spyware, statistics & trackers) by the open source community.

Finally, the iodé interface lets you visualise blocked requests & transmissions per app, and lets you control the blocker for each.

iodé integrates an android operating system freed from major snitches. Therefore, few apps might dysfunction, though they might only do so temporarily. Also, you can try the web version instead of the native version of the dysfunctional app.
If you encounter issues with a given app, thanks for letting the iodé support know at this address:
You will find a non-exhaustive list of the concerned apps here.

If you encounter issues to login to Aurora Store, there are chances the primary token dispenser is down. Please enable the secondary dispenser URL meanwhile.
1 – Go to Aurora Store Settings -> Networks -> Enable custom Tokenizer
2 – Enter this Tokenizer URL:
3 – Now retry Login as Anonymous

From your home screen,you will find an app called ‘microG‘ in the ‘settings’ folder. By opening it, you will be redirected to the microG panel where you can access location modules.

Location modules allow your iodé phone to be located based on network infrastructures such as bluetooth beacons, cellular antennas, Wi-Fi networks and your GPS coordinates.

Déjà vu‘ is a module we have selected by default works from learning your past positions and does not use the network, Consequently, ‘Déjà vu’ might not locate you in the first place. Up to you to change it or couple it with an other module.