Take back control of your data.

Combine Open Source, Security, and Sustainability, right in your hands.

Protect your data

Data scandals keep picking up speed.
On your smartphone, trackers collect your personal data behind your back.
Don’t wait until it is too late for you, your loved ones or your enterprise.


iodéOS is an Android based Operating System freed from Google trackers. iodéOS analyses in real-time connection attempts from your apps and allows you to:

  • see the identity of all recipients and the quantity of data they wish to collect
  • block if you want malicious recipients (advertisements, malwares, spams, statistics & trackers)
  • measure how privacy-respectful your apps are
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Our iodé Smartphones

We offer refurbished and new smartphones with iodéOS preinstalled.
Our catalog includes over 20 models from 6 common brands (Fairphone, Google, Oneplus, Samsung, Teracube, Xiaomi), ranging from 200€ to 700€

Why iodé?

Open source

iodé relies on open source components, a guarantee of transparency and ethics.
iodé never has access to your personal data.


iodé gives a second life to working smartphones.
iodé reduces energy consumption by blocking unwanted data transmissions.

Made in Europe

The software is developed by a European team of experts in IT security and design.
Smartphones are refurbished in Europe.

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