Teracube available as pre-order & Fairphone price drop!

You can now pre-order your iodé Teracube (planned to be back in stock by the end of this year) from our e-shop platform. As a reminder, the Teracube 2E is now based on Android 11 (iodé 2), bringing all our suporrted devices to Android 11.
Also, we recently have dropped the price of the Fairphone 3+, planned to be back in stock in November.

-30€ on Fairphones
Beta-testing of iodé blocker’s full tuning is starting

You are currently able to choose between a standard and a reinforced iodé protection for each of your applications. Our next Over-The-Air (OTA) release planned for the end of October will allow you to customize the blocking of any recipients and customize your own blocklist; bringing you one more step towards having full control over your phone and your data.
Thanks to our beta-testing volunteers, we can already get valuable feedbacks. If you want to take advantage of this functionality as soon as possible, we invite you to become a beta tester for iodé!

What’s next? Give us your suggestions!

The iodé team has lately been mainly focusing and putting their efforts into the customization of the blocker. Now that we are almost closing this chapter, we are open on conversing with you what you would like to see next @iodé!
We thus invite you here in our community forum! A place to follow the latest iodé novelties, ask questions and exchange with the iodé community.