Spot on a map where your data goes!

iodé blocker map

The latest January Over-The-Air iodé 2.3 release comes with a new map showing you where your data goes, who collects it, and how much each recipient and each country collect!
In 2022, we plan to refine data collection blocking methods and recipients identification to help measuring the data confidentiality degree respect by your apps more precisely.

More apps compatible with iodé
iodé preinstalled apps

The latest release also comes with important intern system changes having the effect of making more apps such as banking apps to function with iodé.
iodé is now compatible with a large majority of Android apps.

3 new supported phone models

We have just added 3 refurbished in France powerful 5G Xiaomi models to our catalog, enriching the proposed range of new and refurbished 4G & 5G phones at various prices.

iodé Xiaomi devices

Coming Next In February

Fairphone 4
Fairphone 4 with iodéOS preinstalled

The iodé Fairphone 4, currently in beta testing, will normally be added to our catalog in February.
To recall, our mission at iodé is double: to protect your data and the environment. Coupling the iodé system, blocking ads & trackers, with the iodé Fairphone 4 built with a modular and ethical design is naturally a good choice for your privacy and the planet!

iodé Generic System Image (GSI)
Next device supported by iodéOS

A GSI is a generic implementation of the Android operating system which should be able to run on any device running Android 8.1 or higher.
We may start a GSI implementation shortly, with the goal of enlarging the adoption of iodé by smartphones users.

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