New partnership and new iodé phone✌️

Shift6mq iodé

“iodé” means iodized in French. But when you order a “iodé phone” in our shop, it doesn’t mean our team dips the phone into the sea to then ship it to you!
What we actually do is install iodéOS on your phone so that you can enjoy a secure and private android for years to come.

But iodé isn’t just about privacy and security. iodé is also about ecology. All our phones from our shop are either:

  • refurbished by professional partners, putting back to life working phones
  • new and made eco-friendly

In the past we partnered with Fairphone and Teracube: 2 companies that work in the same direction as us towards a more sustainable world. We recently met the founders of SHIFT, a german company emphasizing on fair trade and environmental practices. With such values that both parties share, it came natural to seal a new partnership between iodé and Shift!

Today we start offering the SHIFT6mq in our shop.

As well as being modular, the SHIFT6mq breaks new ground in terms of functionality and performance. It is the first SHIFTPHONE with an integrated Qualcomm processor, dual rear cameras and 128GB of internal memory, which can be expanded by a further 2TB via a micro SDXC card slot.
The Shift6mq comes with a bumper and tempered glass for optimum protection.

With every SHIFT6mq sold, the Shiftphone team brings a defective old phone from the Third World to Europe to be professionally recycled. The recovered raw materials are used in their new phones, among other things.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. take back control of your data and be part of a more sustainable world with us!

Your iodé Team.