iodé now lets you manage preinstalled apps!

If you are familiar with Android, you have probably noticed that there are a lot of preinstalled apps.
In some cases, these are added by smartphone vendor, while in others, they come from the phone carrier. But those you don’t use clutter the system as they are non-removable without special privileges. Worse, they can drain your battery in background & spy on you. They are commonly called ‘Bloatware’.
At iodé, we have selected a set of open-source preinstalled apps for common use. We now go one step further as we have added the possibility for you to easily uninstall and reinstall them!

Preinstalled apps menu
Figure 1 – Preinstalled apps menu
iodé apps installed
Figure 2 – iodé apps installed
iodé apps uninstalled
Figure 3 – iodé apps uninstalled