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How to protect your kids from getting spied on their phones

For the past few weeks, we have been working on new children privacy features and protections. Our beta testers are currently testing these novelties so that you, as a parent, can rest assured that your child can use his or her smartphone privately and securely.

You can also read our tips on how kids and parents can facilitate safer smartphone use. We are currently writing a tutorial explaining how you can set up a secure and private iodé phone for your children, without having to spy on them and compromise their privacy. Stay tuned for more.

iodéOS compatible with the majority of Android apps
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SafetyNet is a software tool used to verify the compatibility and security of an Android device. It is for example essential for the use of banking apps.
We’ve recently added SafetyNet support that will make iodéOS one step closer to being compatible with all Android apps.

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If you can identify with our values of protecting privacy and saving the environment, write us an email at or let someone that might be a good fit know about this.

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