Happy New Year!

2021 has been a promising year for iodé. One year ago, we made a iodé 2021 roadmap with 4 main goals:

to add supported phone models to our store
iodé now has a wide selection of refurbished and new phone models in the Catalog ranging from 4 different brands. The iodé Team has partnered with social enterprises that launched a movement for fairer electronics.
to develop new iodé blocker features

iodé’s motto is pretty straight: giving more power to you as a user and more control over your data.
Throughout the year we have added features to allow you to tweak the blocker following your needs and letting you choose between:

  • a default standard iodé protection
  • a reinforced iodé protection blocking even more ads & trackers
  • your own protection to block any recipient you want!
to be able to select your default apps environment
As a reminder, on Googled Android, preinstalled apps can clutter the system as they are non-removable without special privileges. Worse, they can drain your battery in background & spy on you.
We thus naturally added the possibility for you as a iodé user to uninstall preinstalled applications while setting-up your iodé phone.
to develop new iodé blocker features
iodé is a proud member of the coalition for Competitive Digital Markets representing 50+ tech companies from 16 different countries urging for stronger upfront rules for dominant “gatekeeper” firms in the Digital Markets Act.
Following one of the coalition’s requirements of giving users a choice over the core services they use, we wanted to make sure if we added cloud services to our solution to also offer the choice of a no-cloud environment alternative in order to avoid locking you into using such services. We felt the time was too early to guarantee this and decided to postpone our cloud integration.

Coming Soon In January

New iodé blocker feature

Thanks to your support and choosing us to protect your privacy, iodé will be moving in scale in 2022 bringing many new features. The next one from the blocker will be up for our next Over-The-Air update planned for January. Of course we are open to suggestions, if you want to raise your voice, it’s here!

3 new supported phone models

We are also adding several refurbished in France 5G Xiaomi models to our catalog next week.
Stay tuned!