Choosing the blocking level of your iodé phone, this is now possible!

Did you know the majority of ads and trackers are automatically blocked on iodé smartphones?
iodé now lets you select a reinforced protection blocking even more unwanted recipients.

Select your preinstalled apps at first boot
Preinstalled apps selection menu

Your iodé phone is ready-to-use and preconfigured with our own selection of privacy-oriented apps.
Since the latest iodé update from May, you can now choose your preinstalled apps at setup wizard. You can of course uninstall / reinstalled the apps of your choice at any time in the settings.

The iodé Team starts the Android 11 upgrade

The iodé system (iodéOS) is currently based on Android 10 (LineageOS 17.1) for all our proposed phones. We are starting upgrading some of the models to Android 11 (LineageOS 18.1)!
A few new features:

  • One-time Permission Access: allows you to temporarily grant an app access to a permission so long as that app is in the foreground. Once you navigate away from the app, the app loses access to that permission and must request it again.
  • Scoped Storage changes: changes the way that apps access the external storage on Android. With Scoped Storage, apps would, by default, only be granted the ability to see their private data directories.

If you wish to follow our latest updates and become a beta tester, come here!

Android 11