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Internet connection analysis

Unwanted data transmission blocking

Google-free Android

App reliability audit

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Privacy-friendly app selection

iodé Fairphone 4 launcher
Google-free Android

iodéOS is an android operating system freed from Google trackers*. A significant part of data breaches comes upstream of apps.
iodéOS is powered by “LineageOS”, an open source OS that expands functionalities and the lifespan of mobile devices of more than 20 different manufacturers thanks to a community of contributors across the world. The Trust interface will help you understand the security of your device and warn incoming threats.

[Credits : lineageOS – MicroG project]

Internet connection analysis

Your applications can potentially connect to all types of recipients (advertisers, spammers, trackers, malware …) and send your data invisibly under the hood.
iodéOS makes all internet connections from your apps  visible and puts you back in control. iodéOS analyses in real-time the identity of all recipients, the quantity of data they wish to collect and shows you where in the world your data is sent to on an interactive world map.

[credits : Maxmind Geolite]

iodéOS map
Unwanted data transmission blocking
iodéOS bubble stream

By default, the iodé built-in adblocker runs permanently on your device.
It relies on a hacking principle called “man-in-the-middle attack” (MITM), with the end goal of intercepting communications between 2 endpoints. Here, iodé plays the MITM role and intercepts all your iodé smartphone input/output communications. Communications with unwanted recipients (see open source collaborative blacklist section) are automatically blocked, though you can unblock any.
Interceptions happen locally in your device, and never leave your device. We never collect what is happening in your smartphone.

iodéOS relies on an open source collaborative database to maintain its blocklist up-to-date (see datatable below).
With iodé, you can select different protection categories such as content reserved for adults and unethical social media.

You can also entirely customize your own protection and block any recipient!

[credits : Energized Protection, StevenBlack, oisd, blocklistproject]

Built-in parental control

We at iodé are parents ourselves. And as parents, it certainly feels uncomfortable to know that our children are constantly tracked through their phone. Even worse, it feels scary to know our kids may have a malware or spyware installed on their phone.

Parental control apps can be intrusive and take the form of yet an other spyware compromising the privacy of your kids. This is not the case with iodé. You as a parent can easily define which recipients are blocked by choosing among several levels and categories of iodé blockings. Here are 2 examples of protection categories:

  • Porn‘: censors adult websites.
  • Social‘: blocks social network recipients. Let’s say you don’t want Tiktok to spy on your kid: activate this protection and consider it done.

With iodéOS, you can also totally disable internet access from the apps you want with password protection. That way, no data would ever leave your kids’ phone. A game you don’t want your kids to play? A social media app you don’t want it to share data with Facebook? Set a password and a few network restrictions and you are done.


iodéOS parental control
App reliability audit

Audit how privacy-respectful your apps are, identify all data requests recipients and the quantity of data they try to collect.
Data transmissions are automatically blocked for unwanted recipients. No data reaches them.

Privacy-friendly selection of apps
lock 300x366

We have preinstalled for you a selection of privacy-friendly apps, listed below. It is to be noted that we also have made the uninstallation of preinstalled apps possible with iodéOS!

iodéOS adblocker app

The place to control and visualize the data transmissions from your phone. From here you can:

  • analyze data requests
  • block unwanted transmissions
  • customize and combine blocking protections
  • audit the reliability of your apps
iodé FAQ & news

The News app will notify you on  updates and new developments. You will also find a section about frequently asked questions.

iodéOS Aurora Store app
Aurora Store

Aurora Store is an alternative to Google’s Play Store, with an elegant design. With Aurora, you can download apps, update existing apps, search for apps, get details about in-app trackers, spoof your location, and more.

iodéOS F-Droid app

F-Droid is an alternative app store with exclusively open source apps.

iodéOS browser app
iodé Browser

iodé browser is based on Firefox with telemetry disabled, trackers removed, and alternative search engines: Qwant (default), Brave, Ecosia, Metager, Qwant light, Startpage and several Searx instances.

iodéOS pEp app
p≡p | Pretty Easy Privacy (pEp)

p≡p is the default email client and simplifies encryption on mobile devices for everyone by automatically and seamlessly integrating end-to-end encryption. With p≡p you don’t need a separate account and it is compatible with any email provider.

iodéOS magic earth app
Magic Earth Navigation & Maps

Magic Earth uses OpenStreetMap maps and an efficient search algorithm to provide optimal routes using real-time traffic.

iodéOS Geometric Weather app
Geometric Weather

Geometric Weather is an open source Android weather app. In the app, you’ll find real-time temperatures, daily & hourly forecasts. You can also select different weather providers.

iodéOS Carnet app

Carnet is a powerful note-taking app that not only serves to write your shopping list, but can also be used to write longer texts, stories and the like.

iodéoS open board app

OpenBoard is an open source keyboard based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) that does not depend on Google binaries and protects your privacy. The keyboard supports spell correction, themes & emojis.

iodéOS Open Camera
Open Camera

Open Camera is a feature rich open source camera.

iodéOS QKSMS app

QKSMS is a clean open source SMS app with many features like Group Messages, Backup & Restore, MMS, Search, Dual SIM support, Delayed Message Sending and Blacklist to block numbers.

iodéOS microG app

MicroG is an open source replacement for Google Play Services, allowing apps to use services such as push notifications and location services.
Unlike Play Services, microG does not have any advertising or location tracking, and reduces battery usage!



Plain and simple. 
Protect your data and get off Google’s radar.

Over-The-Air security updates
Privacy-friendly preinstalled apps
Uninstallable apps
Standard adblocking protection
iodéOS premium


Get all built-in adblocker functionalities for 
your device!

Over-The-Air security updates
Privacy-friendly preinstalled apps
Uninstallable apps
Standard adblocking protection
Reinforced adblocking protection
Adult content blocking option
Unethical social media blocking option
Customized blocking with backup function
Up to 2 devices connected simultaneously
iodéOS premium family


Protect your whole family and connect up to 6 devices simultaneously.

Over-The-Air security updates
Privacy-friendly preinstalled apps
Uninstallable apps
Standard adblocking protection
Reinforced adblocking protection
Adult content blocking option
Unethical social media blocking option
Customized blocking with backup function
Up to 6 devices connected simultaneously
* Consequently, few apps might be temporarily or permanently dysfunctional on the iodé smartphone. This dysfunctions usually concern the native app and not the web app. You can find a non-exhaustive list of the concerned apps here.