iodé Fairphones are now based on Android 11 (iodé 2)

The iodé Fairphone 3 and 3+ are now based on Android 11 (iodé 2). You can directly buy a iodé Fairphone from our e-shop platform.

As a reminder, Android 11 brings new features such as one-time permission access (allows you to temporarily grant an app access to a permission) and scoped storage changes (changes the way that apps access the external storage on Android).

All iodé phones except the Teracube 2E are now based on Android 11.

Seedvault integration
iodé backup

Since the update from September, ‘Seedvault’ backup tool has been integrated into the iodé system.

Seedvault allows Android users to store their phone data without relying on Google’s proprietary cloud storage. Users can decide where their phone’s backup will be stored, with options ranging from a USB flash drive to a remote self-hosted cloud storage alternative such as NextCloud.

Seedvault also offers an Auto-Restore feature: instead of permanently losing all data for an app when it is uninstalled, Seedvault’s Auto-Restore will restore all backed-up data for the app upon reinstallation.

MicroG services uninstallable

microG services are an open-source & privacy-friendly re-implementation of the Google Play Services such as push notifications and cartographic services.

You can now not only disable but completely uninstall the services if you wish to, directly from the preinstalled apps menu.