What are iodé’s blocking types and categories?

iodé’s recipients blocking relies on Open Source collaborative databases and are perpetually updated. You can select and/or combine different recipient blocking types and categories:

  • Standard
    List: Basic Pack, Blocked recipients: 405106
  • Reinforced:
    • Socials:
      List: Social Extension, Blocked recipients: 3936
    • Porn:
      List: Porn Pack, Blocked recipients: 315937
    • Extreme:
      Lists: Ultimate Pack + Regional Extension + Xtreme Extension,  Blocked recipients: 588862
  • Or customize your own protection!

On top of blocking recipients, iodé also lets you block the following networks:

  • Wifi
  • Mobile data
  • VPN

The diference between iodé’s network blocking and Android network blocking

is explained in a separate question (“How does iodé’s network blocking differ from Android’s network blocking?”)