How long is the software updates warranty period?

As you probably know, it is in our core values at iodé to provide a sustainable solution on top of protecting our users’ privacy. It is therefore among our priorities to expand the lifespan of smartphones by providing software updates as long as possible.

While it is hard to guarantee with certainty how long each of our supported models will get software updates (with different components such as the firmware, vendor blobs and hardware altering the period), our phones supports updates for at least 4 years for each iodéOS version. We are currently (2023) based on Android 13 (iodéOS 4) on all our phones except Teracube 2E & Samsung A5 which are based on iodéOS 2.

If you are looking for the longest software support, it may be best for you to opt for a recent hardware (Samsung S10 series, Fairphone 4) as we will be able to provide updates for a longer time.