How does iodéOS differ from Android?

Though similar to an Android smartphone, iodé is intended to protect your personal data. Hence, it includes features we recommend you know the existence and utility of:

  • iodéOS : an operating system powered by LineageOS based on Android 11, and freed from trackers.
  • Trust (by LineageOS) : an interface securing your iodé phone and protect your privacy.
  • iodé : an interface scanning your apps in real-time and protecting your data transmissions.
  • News : iodé announcements & Frequently Asked Questions.
  • 2 apps stores : Aurora Store and F-Droid.
    Aurora Store is a Google Play alternative where you can find details on apps’ embedded trackers, spoof your location, and more.
    F-Droid is an open-source apps catalog.
  • microG services: an open-source & privacy-friendly re-implementation of the Google Play Services.
    One of these services allows you to choose Google’s alternative location modules. 2 modules are coupled by default: ‘Déjà vu’ & ‘Mozilla Location Service’. For more information on these modules, see “How do MicroG geolocation modules work?”.
    The ‘Google Cloud Messaging’ push notification service, used by many apps & allowing them to send notifications to you, is activated by default. You can of course deactivate it anytime.