An app does not work?

There are generally 2 reasons an app might not run properly on iodéOS:

  • the lack of Google Play Services, which are partially replaced by microG services. Unfortunately all services are not implemented in microG, causing certain apps to dysfunction.
  • the iodé firewall being too restrictive for this app and blocking too many recipients. To check if the firewall is responsible, unblock the app from the iodé interface (settings -> blocking selection), select the app, remove all blocking and then relaunch the app.

In certain cases and for various reasons (issues in the data & preference storage, system freezing,…) an app might start being dysfunctional after a while  & systematically stops running while opening it. Try in this case to uninstall and reinstall it or directly clear its storage (Settings -> Apps -> ‘app’ -> Storage and cache -> Clear storage), and relaunch it.

You will also find a non-exhaustive community list of the concerned apps here. It is to be noted that an app may start or stop running properly anytime on iodéOS for different reasons, causing this list to be outdated.