The new privacy

friendly smartphone

real time
your data transmissions
scans your apps in
the iodé smartphone
Say farewell to
ads & snitches

Protect your data

Data scandals keep picking up speed.
On your smartphone, trackers collect your personal data behdind your back.
Don’t wait until it s too late, you, your loved ones or your enterprise.

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iodé solution

Analyse | Inform | Protect

iodé is an Android smartphone freed from major Google snitches.

iodé analyses in real-time data transmissions from your apps, detects and blocks blacklisted recipients (advertisements, malwares, spams, statistics & trackers). With iodé, you can :

  • see the identity of all recipients and how much data they collect
  • block if you want blacklisted recipients
  • know how reliable your apps are


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iodé smartphone

The iodé smartphone is refurbished by our professional partner in France.
The reburbishing protocol is very strict. Our smartphone is 100% functional, tested, desimlocked, empty of any data. The battery life is certified with the manufacturer demand.

Sale! XZ1 refurbished in France with iodé adblocker
Sony Xperia XZ1

Why iodé ?

Made in France

iodé is a french firm.
iodé is a smartphone refurbished in France, integrating software developped by a team of experts in cybersecurity and design.

iodé is eco-friendly

Buying iodé, you contribute to saving the planet by diminishing up to 80% the environmental impact as of the acquisition of a new smartphone.

Open Source
iodé is open source

iodé is an open source solution, garantee of transparency and ethics. iodé’s income comes exclusively from the sale of smartphones. iodé never has access to your personal data.